Impact of Oil Prices on the Stock Exchange of Pakistan and Malaysia

Rabia Najaf ., Khakan Najaf .


The aim of this study to show the impact of changing oil prices on the stock market of Pakistan and Malaysia. our study is trying to show that oil prices has devastated  impact on all the aspects of the life. We have taken the data of 1989 to 2010.we have applied the correlation and regression analysis. Our study is showing Pakistan is the importing country therefore; it has worst impact on the oil prices of Pakistan. Normally, most of the studies revealed that there is negative association between oil prices and stock market. It is seen that each stock market has the vital role in the progress of the economy. Rising in the prices of fuel can become reason of inflation in the country. By different estimates, emerging countries have also been affected due to increase and decrease the prices of oils.


oil prices, Pakistan stock exchange, Malaysia stock market, emerging countries

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