Women Empowerment and Occupation Linkage: A Case Study of Nagaon District

Lakhimi Nath ., Dr. Mausumi Sen ., Dr. Sumanash Dutta .


The authors conducted the study in the urban areas of Nagaon district of Assam with the objectives of  estimating the empowerment  level of women belonging to 18-60 year age group and  examining  the link between empowerment level and occupational status of the sample women. Fuzzy set technique is used to analyze the data. The results of the study show a low average empowerment level of urban women of the district. The percentage contribution of the attribute ‘decision making within family’ to the average empowerment level of women  is found to be the lowest while it is highest for the attribute ‘ freedom of movement’. The results also show that there is a positive relationship between the occupational status (income-based) of women and their empowerment level.


Decision making within the family, Freedom of movement, Political participation, Fuzzy set technique.

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