Development of A Conceptual Framework: A Pragmatic Approach to Employee Engagement

  • Puneet Kumar Ph.D. Scholar, School of Management Studies, IGNOU, India
Keywords: Employee Engagement, Organisational Culture, Leadership, HR Policies, Organisational Effectiveness


Employee engagement is an emerging organizational issue in this globalized working environment. To survive and to achieve competitive advantage there is a grave need to focus on Employee Engagement with the strength of employees through emphasizing on managing human resources as well as organizational culture keeping in mind effective leadership and managerial styles. Keeping in mind the complex and enigmatic behavior of this concept, this paper explores the development of the framework by studying the different perspectives of employee engagement, its drivers and its relationship with the organizational environment that derives from organizational culture, HRM policies and leadership styles of an organization. The objective of this paper is to develop a framework, pragmatic in nature to ensure organizational effectiveness in terms of profitability, productivity, retention, customer loyalty, safety and Health and well-being.

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