Assessment of Business Enterprise and Strategic Thinking: A Study of Steady Growth Nigeria Limited

  • Onyilofor, Tagbo Uchenna Steady Growth Nigeria Limited, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Onyilofor, Mercy Ekwy Department of Public Administration, National Open University, Lagos, Nigeria
Keywords: Business enterprise, petroleum products, strategic thinking, transportation


Strategic thinking has been recognized as the bane for successful business enterprises. However, many managers of business outfits do not recognize the importance of strategic thinking; hence investments in most businesses keep falling beyond expectations of profit making. The paper assessed business enterprise and strategic thinking at Steady Growth Nigeria Limited. The paper was underpinned on decision theory. The study population was 263 and the sample size is 158 staff of the company. The study adopted survey research design. The major instrument of data collection was structured questionnaire. Face and construct validation were carried out on the instrument. Inferential statistics, such as frequencies, percentages, mean ratings etc were used for data analysis through the aid of SPSS. The study found amongst others that the firm reduced their fleet by maintaining 20 active 10years old trucks, introduced 40 numbers of 5years old trucks and discarded the rest of the fleet. They introduced a new technology that tracks the trucks indicating their location and the condition of the truck per time. The paper recommended amongst others that business enterprises should engage quality and innovative personnel to man strategic positions in a business. Training, research and other developments should be prioritized.


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