A Study on the Service Quality of Banks with Regard to Demographical Variables of their Customers

Dilip Kumar Jha .


It is increasingly being recognized that the competition in Indian banking industry is going to be intense day by day. To beat one another, service providers viz. public sector, private sector and foreign sector banks launches new kind of technological application into banking services every day. In this situation, expectations rise and customers become more inclined towards the quality of service aspects. Thus, it is now clear that it is the service quality that differentiates the best banking, in the days to come, out of the average one. This research adopted a survey questionnaire based on the amended Banking Service Quality Scale. It included five service quality dimensions, broken down into 28 statements, for capturing the wide range of services offered by the three banks namely public sector, private sector and foreign sector banks. The research findings show that there are significant differences among the Indian private, public and foreign banking sectors in terms of customer perceptions of service quality and the degree of importance attached to various dimensions of service quality.


Service quality, private banking sector, public banking sector, foreign banking sector, Banking Service Quality.

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