The Contribution of Small and Medium Enterprises to the Economy of Swaziland – A Case Study of the Manzini City

Dr. P. Sridhar .


This study investigated contribution of small and medium enterprises to the economy of Swaziland. Comprehensive literature was reviewed. A cross-sectional analysis approach has been used. A sample of 80 respondents was selected using cluster random sampling technique. Data were collected using closed ended questionnaires. The reliability of the questionnaires was done using Cronbach Alpha on SPSS version 20. The data were presented in tables and bar graphs. The data were analyzed using SPSS version 20 where simple descriptive statistics, cross tabulations, Pearson correlation and dichotomous tabulation were used. The findings showed that small and medium Enterprises encounter different challenges that hinder their contribution to the economic growth of the country. It was concluded that small and medium-sized businesses are contributing more than big business to the Swaziland economy. It was recommended that the government should also encourage more Swazis to venture into small businesses and also attract more foreign investors into the small and medium Enterprises sector.


small and medium Enterprises (SME), Economy and Investors

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