Consumer Attitude towards T.V. Advertisement of Winter Care Products

Azra Ansari .


Earlier days people were not so beauty conscious. They did not care for themselves. But now days both male and female are very conscious about their appearance. Consumers use winter care product to nourish and moisturise their dry skin. Consumers are valuable assets for any organization. Among lots of media, T.V often called “king of advertisement media.” Majority of manufacturer of winter care product are using T.V as media to promote their product among mass of consumers. Present study aims to find out attitude of consumers towards advertisement of winter care product in T.V. A randomly selected sample of 100 respondents from Jodhpur city. Questionnaire was the main tool to collect data from the selected sample respondents. The study concludes that there is positive attitude of consumers towards T.V advertisement of winter care product in the Jodhpur city.


Consumer attitude, T.V, Advertisement.

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