A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Private Sector Life Insurance Companies with Special Reference to Kotak Mahindra and Aviva Life Insurance Company of Jorhat District

Sarat Borah .


Purpose: The study is an attempt to find out the most important dimensions of service quality that affect customer satisfaction in Private Sector Insurance Companies and compare the satisfaction level of current customer of Kotak Mahindra and Aviva Life Insurance Company in Jorhat District.

Design/Methodology: Convenient sampling technique, which is a non-probabilistic sampling technique, is used to select the respondents. A convenient sample size of an equal proportion of fifty (50) customers for each of the two private insurance companies, totalling 100 sample size have been selected purposively.

Findings:  Most of the customers of both the companies are satisfied. Customers of Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company are more satisfied than the Aviva Life Insurance Company. This research explicitly indicates that both the company should give more importance in the Reliability, Assurance and Empathy factors.


Customer satisfaction, Relationship Management, Service quality

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