Customers’ Satisfaction on the Hospitals Services: A Comparison

Rajkumar Giridhari Singh .


Healthcare industry continues to face several challenges from the environment. Among many, one of the critical challenges is to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. The ability of the healthcare organization to deliver fast and effective patient care is critical to its success. However enabling hospitals to provide better healthcare for their patients require a significant other issues like increasing efficiencies in how the staff delivers the service ranging from gate keeper attitudes, admission procedures, billing provisions to discharge of the patients from the hospitals. The purpose of this paper is directed to find out customers satisfaction from the hospitals under study. It seeks to analyze the quality of medical service in the hospitals. Finally the paper aims to determine and examine if there are differences among the hospitals in the satisfaction of the patients. To address the objective, a survey was conducted of the patients of three biggest private hospitals in Manipur (India). The survey asked about the patient satisfaction of the service they received from the hospitals using schedules. The schedule includes questions on the perceptions of the patients in registration and admission, cleanliness and comfort, doctors’ care, nurses’ care, treatments, and fees and charges.


patient satisfaction, private hospital, quality service, ANOVA.

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