Effectiveness of Employee Counseling in Automobile Industry

Dr. Mu. Subrahmanian ., N. Anjani .


In Automobile Industries, the counseling is basically given for helping and supporting the employees, who have been reported for reasons such as behavioral changes, poor attitude, lack of interest in work, high absenteeism, alcoholism, job miss, increased accidents and reduced production. The counseling is provided by the respective Section Heads, IR Coordinators to the specific employees who show the sign of misconduct. According to the study, manufacturing and automobile industries face serious issues amidst their employees, which arises due to various reasons and have a direct impact on the productivity, which is considered as a loss to both organization and individual. Taking into account the affecting factor of the above said reasons, counseling is considered to be a vital procedure that has to be given weight age and studied. Descriptive research design has been adopted in this study.  A total of 200 NEX employees from various automobile industries were selected for the study in Chennai City. The results also showed that the positive attitudes of the employees indicated that they valued the services of the counseling programs. This is also indicative that the employees were open to the counseling services being offered. The four factors identified was Counseling Intention, Counselor Potential, Attitude of the Employee & Expected result out of counseling.  Automobile Industries can think of introducing Problem-focused model of counseling in their organization. This model sees the counselor’s role as helping individuals to work with the immediate problems they bring. Counseling of employees can have desirable consequences for the organization. It helps the organization when the employees know that the organization cares for them, and build a sense of commitment with it. 


Counseling, Automobile Industry

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