A Study On Indian Mortgage Industry

Dr. T. Koti Reddy .


The goal of this paper is to study the Indian mortgage Industry from 2001 to 2009 in order to understand the change in industry performance and taste of customers with change in economic condition. The second objective of the study was to find the factor which influences customer decision on availing a loan. The change in industry performance was studied through the survey conducted with banks officers and an attempt was made to crystallize the lenders’ viewpoint. To find the factor influencing the customers decision a survey was conducted with NRIs. For the data analysis statistical tool SPSS has been used. The focus has been on frequency and percentage analysis to interpret the responses. Through secondary data initiatives taken by the Government of India to boost industry has been studied.. The study brought out that change in demography has influenced industry performance. The change is customer taste and perception and priority of service quality affect business of any organization. The research results bring out the avenues where the banks need to focus in order to generate more business and also identifies the future prospects of the industry. 


Mortgage industry, Non- Resident Indians, Government Initiatives, Indian housing sector

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