Enhancement of Responsive Leadership in Management — Ways and Means

Prof. Hemalatha .


The world is undergoing a rapid change.  This ever changing world has made substinance difficult.  Only subject knowledge with a little application is no longer the only thing required for a professional to be successful.  An integrated and blended approach of subject know-how with soft-skills is the need of the hour.

An attempt has been made to suggest the ways and means to enhance responsive leadership which is one of the most important soft-skills to improve personal as well as career growth.

It is not just the people occupying various positions in the organization that matter, but their competencies would make all the difference. Responsive leadership is an essential skill to be developed because this in turn will provide a catalytic effect in the process of performance which will bring about a change locally as well as globally.

Today, we have to invest in our youth, for they are our future capital.  The youth should be trained and fine tuned to accept the signals emanating   from responsive leadership.  This will make our India shine.


Soft-Skills, Responsive Leadership, Blended, Training

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