Impact of Self Confidence to Evaluate the Quality of Service Offered by Commercial Banks

Dr. K. Sethuraman .


Commercial banks are not only aim to acquire the new customers, but also to retain the existing customers that assumes a greater importance in the market. Majority of the literatures are reveals that services marketing are move more than the product marketing. Services are intangible in nature and Banks are providing numerous services to its customers. But the complications of those services are not been fully implicit by the customers. Hence this study made an attempt to evaluate the impact of self-confidence to measure the quality of service offered by commercial banks in Madurai district. The data required for the research purpose have been obtained from both primary and secondary sources. This was collected by using- Structured questionnaire prepared to collect the response from the respondents. Secondary data will be collected from various journals, books, magazines and already published government sources related to the Commercial banks and geographical location of the study.

Majority (81.23%) of the respondents agreed that Perceived Reliability is the major factor for determining service quality of banking industry and secured first rank, Responsiveness (RS) has positive and significant influence to determine Service Quality Gap in Banking Industry by 0.99.

Major suggestions drawn by the researcher are, Bankers must provide more possible ways to reach the alternate banking channels to the customers to access bank account in whenever and wherever they are in the need of accessing bank account, Employees in Public sector bank must courteous to the customers for offering services and clarifying the queries, Private sector Banker must give the product specific training to the employees on periodic basis.


Service quality, consumer self-confidence.

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