Quality of Work Life: Perception of College Teachers

P. Subburethina Bharathi ., Dr. M. Umaselvi ., Dr. N. Senthil Kumar .


Several Research Studies in the world have measured the Quality of Work of Employee’s in Industries, Universities, Schools, Government and Non Government Organizations.  This research study highlights the quality of work life of college teachers under various dimensions.  New Challenges can be faced with employee’s commitment and involvement in achieving organizational goals.  This study helps the college teachers to know the level of perception towards QWL and to enhance the same by the educational administrators..  Quality of Work Life is the essential concept of favorable situations in a working environment.  The Quality of Work Life facilitates employee’s training opportunities, job satisfaction and working conditions.  A better Quality of Work Life improves the growth of the employee’s along with the organization growth.  The universe of the study includes 12 colleges located within the Tiruchirappalli city limit and 1279 college teachers were working during May 2008 – February 2009.   A sample of 239 respondents was collected from the universe. The collected data after being coded were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social sciences Research (SPSS) and various statistical tests were applied based on hypotheses and matching variables. There is a significant association between quality of work life total and quality of life in teaching environment total. It shows QWL of college teachers is in low level. 


Quality of Work Life, College Teachers, Perception.

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