Buying behaviour of Passenger Car Customers towards Auto Finance – An Empirical Study

Dr. Ajoy S Joseph ., Dr. H. Y. Kamble .


One of the most important factors that influences purchase of passenger cars  in India is  the availability of auto finance or consumer credit. This  empirical study analyses the behavioral pattern exhibited by passenger car customers towards auto loan schemes and financiers when they purchase their cars. The study  is based on the data collected  from 525 passenger car owners consisting of professionals, employees of  public and private sector, businessmen and agriculturist in Dakshina Kannada district of  Karnataka state.  The respondents have been broadly categorized into three groups based on the original price range of their cars viz. cars in the  price range of  Rs. 2 – 4 lakhs, Rs. 4 – 6 lakhs and  Rs. 6 – 9 lakhs. The study finding indicates that overall the most important three factors considered by car purchasers while deciding auto finance company were less processing time, easy documentation and explanation of the financing scheme by the staff.


Buying behaviour, passenger cars, auto finance

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