Buying Behavior of the New Aged Indian Women

Dr. Mu. Subrahmanian .


The research was started with the objective to “Study the buying behavior of Women in the city of Chennai”. The research was carried out with the view to analyze the buying behavior of women with respect to the age, marital status, occupation, professional status factors, etc. to identify the decision maker and the influencer for the purchase made by the women. With the set of objectives in mind, a structured – undisguised questionnaire was administered for a sample of 200 women from the few distinct geographical areas of the Chennai city. With the help of the data collected the results were analyzed, tabulated, and interpreted. The inferences were drawn out with the help of the help of statistical analytical tools. From the findings few recommendable suggestions have been opined for the marketers and manufacturers to realize, understand and recognize Women as a lucrative consumer segment and start developing concepts and create products that are women centric, which would reap high growth potentials.


New Indian Women, Consumer, Shopping Behaviour, Shopping malls, Purchase Pattern, Satisfaction, Marketers, Purchase drive, Buying behavior, Electronic Gadgets, Apparels and Automobile

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