Problems Faced by the Retailers and Customers - An Empirical Study

D. Muthamizh Vendan Murugavel .


The retail scenario is one of the fastest growing industries in India over the last couple of years. India retail sector comprises of organized retail and unorganized retail sector. Traditionally the retail market in India was largely unorganized; however with changing consumer preferences, organized retail is gradually becoming popular. Unorganized retailing consists of small and medium grocery store, medicine stores, subzi mandi, kirana stores, paan shops etc. More than 90% of retailing in India fall into the unorganized sector, the organized sector is largely concentrated in big cities. Organized retail in India is expected to grow 25-30 per cent yearly and is expected to increase from Rs35, 000 crore in 2004-05 to Rs109, 000 crore ($24 billion) by 2010.


Retailing - Consumer preferences-Customers-Marketing-Behaviour

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