The New Age Human Resources in Indian Tourism – Role and Effectiveness

V. Ramanathan ., A.Vanitha .


 “Man” blessed creation in the earth carries happiness and worries at different circumstances from the childhood to old age. Both the happiness and sadness in man naturally underlies the basic need system of sharing in the environment of this real world comprises of family, friends, colleagues and society at large. Besides the emotional psyche of man being, the practicality of man life needs occupation, prestige& and social image, recognition and welfare. Since the material world demands more efficiency at different situations; they interact and encounter with environment, comprehensive knowledge, articulate ideas, enhancing skills and favourable attitude which man can inculcate by the way of meeting others in different part of the world, sharing their experiences, understanding their culture, values and ethos that prevails. Life becomes more interesting and dynamic for any man in the world only by experiencing the various elements around him and understanding him. Man needs are highly diversified and progressive attitude that stimulate and demand for various products, services which are available. Today’s reality help the men beings as a form of consumer to access the product and services with the support of advent technologies. The restless man life deprives leisure and entertainments by the way of meeting others, visiting places, understanding the wonderful creations, accumulating social and experiential knowledge. Tourism is the oldest profession which updates to the modern society and as a part of any man life devotes materialistic value with aesthetic environmental creation. Today’s modern man life is vested with mechanisation and stress at different level irrespective of their age, gender, occupation, family system and geographical conditions. Avoiding pain and stress, man requires movement from one place to another for the purpose of occupation, entertainment, learning, health management, recreation and so on. Tourism is the tenet, which helps the man to manage their emotional integrity and material adage. This paper tries to derive and understand the tourism and its background, growth of tourism in general and India in particular, the various sectors involving in tourism industry, the employment and deployment of manpower in tourism and its related sectors, the present position of manpower in tourism sector, the efficiency of tourism related employees and their contribution, the deficiency among the various sector of tourism industry while utilise and channelize manpower and remedies to revitalise the energy of man resources which help them to elevate their efficiency and in turn achieve tourism to the height of overwhelming brand image in general and India in specific.


Experiential Knowledge, Deployment of Manpower, Efficiency in Tourism, Brand Image, Material Adage, Health Management, Advent Technologies, New Age Resources

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