Social Accounting Reporting Practices in Bangladesh - A Voluntary Approach

Dr. Md Nazrul Islam ., Dr Tofayel Ahmed ., Mohammad Ashraful Ferdous Chowdhury .


Social accounting   has been developed   for measurement and reporting the societal impact of business enterprise because of the limitation of financial accounting and management accounting. The present paper aims to make a brief idea of social accounting.  It also explored the reporting practices of social accounting in the corporate level in Bangladesh.   The study has taken 50 listed companies of Dhaka Stock Exchange from Textile sector and Food & Allied sector where social accounting is considered importance.  Twenty five companies are selected from each sector conveniently. The analyses found that 56 pc of the sampled companies has expressed their positive attitude towards social accounting through some volunteer statements and no company maintains separate content as social accounting in their annual reports. The disclosures made by the companies are in qualitative in nature. The researchers suggested that a separate statement of social accounting should be maintained by the companies to identify the societal impacts of the business.


Social accounting, corporate volunteer statements, social disclosures, Bangladesh.

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