Solar Energy Demand - A Factor of State Support

  • Raj Kumar Shukla Faculty of management Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Gultekdi, Pune, India.
  • Sanjay R. Mali Dr. B.N Purandhare Arts, Smt. S. G.Gupta Commerce & Science College, Lonavla, Pune, India.
Keywords: State Support, Solar Energy, Natural Demand, State derived demand.


This paper brings out prime factor for solar demand as a dependent variable based on state support or a comparative status of two or more than two states. There exists a latent requirement to develop more sources of power in power scares country like India. Inspite of such latent natural demand, solar is largely based on state support. Growth trajectory of solar energy deployment can meet the demand of power in the country, where power is limited or area is not electrified but still demand does not naturally comes up until state intervene.

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