Strategy Building Model for Technology Based Organizations: A Technical Approach

B. Balaji Srinivasan ., Prof. Dr. K. P. V. Ramana Kumar .


In general, firms execute various pieces of their technology strategy- R&D, New Product Development, or value chain configurations – in two modes.  In one mode, a firm implements its strategy all by itself, relying on its own internal value chain and organizations.  In the second mode which is collaborative, a firm executes its strategy with the help of others.  In recent years, the effectiveness of strategies framed by various knowledge based organizations started to decline due to the pressures of time compression and the potential interest in technology integration.  The present paper overcomes the above limitations and describes technology strategy model, which can be applied to any technology based organizations for its success.


Technology Management, Technology Strategy, Technology Strategy Model, Validity Test and Managerial Implications.

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