Investors Attitude towards Risk and Return Content in Equity and Derivatives

S. Saravanakumar ., S. Gunasekaran ., R. Aarthy .


The study was undertaken to know the investors attitude towards risk and return content in equity and derivative security and to predict which will be more profitable to them. The research design used in this project is descriptive research design. The sampling technique adopted is simple random sampling and the sample size of 100 investors was selected for the study. Structured interview schedule was prepared for conducting the survey. Primary data is collected through interview schedule and secondary data is collected through company manuals and website. The data collected is then classified, tabulated, and the analyzed using statistical tools such as Simple Percentage and Chi-Square and Weighted Average. Most of the investor prefer cash market because lack of knowledge about the derivative market. But still it is suggested that the investor should have thorough knowledge before making investment in share market.


Capital Market, Equity shares, Futures, Options, Equity Market, Derivatives Market, Investors Satisfaction

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