Service Quality of Stockbrokers in Bangladesh

Shamim Ahamed .


Bangladesh has recently experienced the biggest crash in the country’s history in its stock markets. This is exactly quite the opposite from the near past when the country has seen the highest growth of its stock markets. Recent crashes leading investors fleeing away of the market has brought before the stockbrokers a new scenario in which they must be yet more competitive in order to avail a chunk of the reduced number of customers. The current research employees SERVQUAL model to gauge the level of satisfaction of the customers dealing with stockbrokers. It is found that the customers are not satisfied with the services they receive. There exits a gap between the services they expect and the services they receive. In a seven point scale, the average gap is determined to be 0.791. Stock brokerage firms in Bangladesh may strive to eliminate the gaps across all the dimensions of their service offering to make the perceived service match with the expected service. However, the current research suggests improving those quality dimensions which are important to customers even though such dimensions may have fewer wide gaps than others.


Service Quality, Stock Brokers, SERVQUAL, Expected Service, Perceived Service, Gaps

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