Performance of Large Cap Share and Small Cap Share: A Comparative Study of Selected Companies’ Shares

Dr. Yagnesh M Dalvadi ., Shivangi Shah .


When stock market indexes are highly fluctuating and show some positive and negative trend at that time  Investor is always in dilemma that which company’s share he should purchase? Should he purchase shares from Private Sector or Public Sector? Should he invest in large cap shares or small share cap shares? Should he purchase penny stock or stock which have small value or should go for large amount share? Infect many factors we should consider while taking decision for investment in Share like history of company, growth prospects, track record dividend bonus, sentiments of market, economic environment etc. but no body has perfection in share market price forecasting. Many research housed provide projection but the same trend can not be observed. Then, the question arise what to do? In this research paper an attempt has been made to check performance stock price movement of selected large cap shares and small cap shares and we are come out with solution for the confused investors. This paper will give insight to investor how they should behave in case of   bullish or bearish trends of stock index. Most of the finding and suggestions made here will be quite useful to the present investors and future investor for long term benefit and wealth maximization.


Large Cap, Small Cap, Stock Market Performance

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