A Study on Factors Influencing Children in Fmcg Buying Behaviour: A Study in Delhi & NCR

Ms. Rachana Srivastava ., Dr. Saroj Kumar Dash .


Children represent an important target market segment. Children exert a great amount of influence for various product category and different stages of the decision making process. For some products, they are active initiators, information seekers, and buyers; whereas for other product categories, they influence purchases made by the parents. Children often try to influence their parent's purchases of child-related products. Here we attempt to isolate those variables that determine the buying behavior of children. The paper reports a study on aged between10-13 years (from urban areas) factors influencing children buying behavior. Here we also tried to find out the growing influence of commercial on kids. And, how they perceive about product attributes. With the help of the research this is interesting to know the fact that children tend to pay more attention to nutrition, hygienic conditions and food safety, which shows that children seem to be mature early at this stage and start to behave in a more adult-like fashion when making purchase comparisons.


Commercial, Buying Behavior, Kids, Product Attributes, Market

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