Some Aspects of Corporate Social Performance: A Study of Selected Public Sector Enterprises (PSES) in India

Dr. Kartik Chandra Nandi .


Generally the practice of evaluating the performance of any enterprises especially public sector enterprises (PSEs) based on financial measures only. But there has been emerged a new evaluation methodology  where the researchers and social scientists have strongly opposed to this practice of concentrating on financial measures only for performance evaluation and they have suggested for the use of other relevant aspects for this purpose. This new evaluation ideology is appropriate for PSEs which have not been established only for profit motive but also for providing services to the society. Therefore, in order to examine the performance PSEs in India, both financial and social performance measures have been considered. It is the expectation of the society to know how far the PSEs have provided real benefits to the society in the form of resource mobilization through taxes, provision of employment opportunities to the common people to eradicate, to maintain a balanced regional development etc. The financial performance highlights the true and fair view of an enterprise but fails to highlight the contribution made by the organizations towards corporate social responsibility performance which is of great significance in case of PSEs. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the social performance of the selected twenty PSEs in India with the help of different parameters like Contribution to Central Exchequer, Internal Resource Generation, Value Addition, Employment generation etc. with the help of relevant data for the study period from 1999-2000 to 2007-08.


Internal Resources Generation, Contribution to Exchequer, Value Addition, Generation of Employment

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