Onion Export Management

Prof. S. D. Thore .


India is an agro based country. The economic industrial development is directly related to agricultural development of the country. Before independence the country was starving there was no questions of exporting food grains. Irrigation was not developed , farmers could hardly take cash crops like onion. The country could not export agricultural commodities. But the green revolution from sixties of 20th century changes the atmosphere and the country was able to export cash crop like onion. Besides the development in infrastructure facilities infrastructure encouraged fast transportation and communication, scientific storages and also many other facilities. The Govt. of India appreciated significance of export to earn foreign exchange for augmentation industrial development.Besides for marketing exporting financial institutions including banks have been strengthened to cope with the complicated export and foreign export procedure. The govt. has established many institutions to finance and promote export activity in the country. It is also trying to enhance relationship with other countries and international economic institutions like World Trade Organisation to promote export of agricultural commodities including perishable ones like Onion. 


Agriculture, Export, Onion

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