Developing Customer Profile: An Essential Tool for Supermarkets

Dr. Sajid Alvi ., Dr. Sanjay Kaptan ., Prof. Manisha Jagtap .


Retail is currently the booming sector of the Indian economy. Slowly and steadily retail has witnessed considerable growth while a new form of organized retail sector has emerged within the retail industry. One of the booming business formats of retail is Supermarkets. The study aims at studying and developing the profile of the customers visiting these supermarkets.

In order to excel in the marketplace, retailers aim at developing strategic advantage, they need to effectively manage their critical resources, real estate and locations and above all their customers. Customer Profile is an outline of the type of customer likely to purchase your products. It includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, buying pattern, creditworthiness, purchase history, etc... In retail sale, demand pattern depends a lot on the customer profile along with the other factors.

The study can guide the managers of supermarkets in formulating strategies and evolve business processes, which will satisfy customer needs. The customers on the other hand will be benefitted, as their needs and wants will be satisfied and ultimately shopping will become a pleasure at the supermarkets. The managers of the supermarkets even before starting the activity of retailing do scout for locations for setting up the stores that cater to the profiled customers. Thus in order to achieve total customer satisfaction, generate and retain customers, the managers of supermarkets must take into consideration the demographic profile of the customers.

The scope of the present study is confined to the supermarkets in Pune city and their customer base.


Customer Profile, Organized retail sector, demographic characteristics, Super markets, shopping pattern.

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