Ethical Issues in Management Research

Lambodar Saha ., Vinod Ramakant Kulkarni .


This explanation attempts to go deeper than the usual descriptions of ethical organisations, because ethics in work and business are both a reflection of and influenced by ethical aspects of life and the wider world. The aim of this article not to tell you what's ethical and what's not. The aim is to help you to determine better for yourself what is ethical and what is unethical. This article describes the importance of developing adequate, appropriate ethical practices in management research. It also tells about the analysis of current practices reveals problems related to number, quality of training, distribution and utilization of various categories of industrial personnel. Here major ethical issues in the management research process, Human Resource Functioning, Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Academic, etc. each stage of the research there may be ethical problems issues may arise from the research project itself to the nature of the participants so therefore the researcher has to consider a procedure informed consent is the ethical procedure. Management academics have tended to rely on ethics codes developed by social researchers in related fields to inform their research practice. The point of this paper is to question whether this remains a viable approach in the current climate that is characterized by a significant increase in ethical regulation across the management. We suggest that management researchers face ethical issues of a different nature to those most frequently confronted by other researchers, and argue for more explicit acknowledgement of contextual factors involved in management research.


Ethical issues, Management Research Process

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Journal of Management Studies 43:1 January 2006

Corporate Social Responsibility © Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2006

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Greener Management International, Business Strategy and the Environment, Corporate Social

Responsibility and Environmental Management

Journal of Business Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Business Ethics: A European Review


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