Marketing Research as Upcoming Area of Management Research

Mr. Amol Murgai ., Mr. Mohammed Abdul Majed .


All development and progress in the society is the outcome of Management Research work.  The development of logical thinking is promoted by conduct of quality Management Research Activities.  Management Research has special importance in Relation to solving various problems of business and industries.  Market Management Research, operation Management Research and motivation Management Research are conducted in the business for various requirements.  The importance of Management Research can also be ascertained through its application in socio political sector in order to find out solution to social and political problem of society.  In the existing stage of business competition where problems are becoming more complex, Management Research is becoming more relevant than before. Management Research establishes the relationship between variables and functional areas; it is effective tool for forecasting.  It also provides necessary help for the optimum utilization of the available resources.  The formulation and implementation of policies and strategies will be more effective when they are based on Management Research studies.  The present paper will highlight the importance and application of quality Management Research in management aspect. 


Marketing Research, Management Research

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