Benefits of Management Research to the Hospitality Industry

Dr. Seema Zagade .


Research as defined by Kerlinger is a systematic, controlled, empirical and critical investigation of hypothetical proportions about the presumed relationships among natural phenomenon.When we talk about Industries it varies from product to service and also the Hospitality Industry which is one of the fastest growing and also contributing majorly to the Economic growth of our country. Hospitality sector is a vast spread out and therefore it is divided into various departments, which individually contribute to the overall growth of the establishment. This Industry is developing every moment and setting new standards by adopting new trends/concepts. There are various personnel who represent the hospitality and have taken it to great heights in the global market. There are many areas of the Hospitality Industry where research is done and which has proved to be beneficial for the operations and achieving more revenue generation. Hospitality Industry has both operational and revenue producing departments and also non-operational, non- revenue producing departments but at the same time their importance is as compared to the revenue producing department.Maximum work force is required by the Rooms Division department. This department is responsible for the total upkeep, maintenance of the property and by taking care of the guest and his belongings during his stay. It is also responsible for 50% of revenue generation through room sales. This research study tries to find out how the industry has adopted few policies and helped it save a lot of resources.


Hospitality, Laundering, Ozone Laundry Systems.

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Andrews Sudhir ,Hotel House Keeping Training Manual

Negi Jagmohan ,Professional Hotel Management-

Charles E. Steadmon, CHA& Michael L. Kasavana. Managing Front Office Operations Raghubalan G., Raghubalan Smritee, Hotel House Keeping


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