Women Entrepreneurship: Analytical View Special Reference to Jabalpur City

Dr. Rajeev Singh ., Mr. Pramod Nagaich .


An entrepreneur is a person who has an enterprising quality with an eye on opportunities and an uncanny vision, commercial acumen and above all, a person who is willing to take risks because of the adventurous skill within, same holds good for women also. For women entrepreneurs," starting and operating a business involves considerable risks and difficulties regarding obtaining lines on credit, problems in marketing management, production, advertising and packaging and other socio-personal, managerial, technical, Raw-material, Inventory, Financial and governmental assistance problems. This paper proposes to identify the major problems of women entrepreneurs in Jabalpur city with the objectives of analyzing the various problems faced by them and by suggesting the remedial measure which will help in the acceleration of women entrepreneurship in the city.


Entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs

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