Supply Chain Management: An Exploring Areas of Management Research

Prof. Kumar B. Pawar ., Prof. Shweta D. Padale .


With the globalization, importance of dynamic distribution and Supply Chain Management has enhanced. In this era of crumbling economic barriers, the customer reign extreme. The successful venture in this fiercely competitive economy are those which are able to ensure high level customer satisfaction and at considerably low cost. At the strategic level, performance of distributed networks should be evaluated after considering the customer needs that are met and cost of meeting these customer needs by data and information. Ventures are trying to minimise cost and maximise customer satisfaction and profit by more effectively planning and managing their Supply Chain Management. The strategic role of logistic and Supply Chain Management in this regard becomes vital, because the focus today is not on meeting the customer expectations, but on exceeding them. The paper would provide a conceptual framework of Supply Chain Management, Structure, and Managerial skills, and risk to Dynamic distribution of Supply Chain Management.


Concept and definition of Supply Chain Management, Structure and distribution of Supply Chain Management, Managerial skills, problems, and risk to dynamic distribution of Supply Chain Management.

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