Interdisciplinary Aspect of Management Research -The Borderless Collaboration

Mrs. Preeti M.Kulkarni ., Mr. Mahesh D. Kulkarni .


Interdisciplinary means the integration of concepts across different disciplines. This synthesis results into the development of new interesting disciplines. E.g.  Quantum information processing, bioinformatics,  cybermetics, systems theory etc.It is always seen in case of defining the management as “it a branch of economics which is the blend of an art as well as science.” It is observed that all the disciplines are embedded in each other’s and for study sec they were divided in to the different branches as such. But in due coerce of time people forget specially the academicians that the segmentation of the disciplines were just for the sec of study and knowledge; the application of this knowledge is oriented towards the holistic development of the human society there is no limitation of discipline.  The thought of interdisciplinary approach is emerging because of the utility of the knowledge of on stream in to the other. We can easily accept the cyber law or biotechnology. The management discipline deals with managing irrespective of the discipline the management function is an integral and essential function of the human society. This article is an effort to elaborate the expanding horizons of Management philosophy.


Division of knowledge, discipline, academic divisions, multidimensional

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