Materialism – A Conceptualization for Contemporary Research

  • Rimple Manchanda School of Humanities and Social Science, G. D. Goenka University, Gurgaon, India
Keywords: Contemporary conceptualization, Materialism


Objective of this paper is to review the literature on materialism and to come up with the contemporary notion about materialism that is apposite for present-day study of consumer behavior. The study has devised exploratory research design to reconnoiter the existing conceptualizations of materialism. Literature review of different conceptualizations of materialism has been presented in this paper. The contextual review helped in framing the conceptual definitions. The current research spells out the new and contemporary conceptual definitions of materialism, derived from literature review of different conceptualizations, which contributes in the area of behavioral study. The study has added to the literature in terms of a development of the concept of materialism that is contemporaneous and comprehensive. It has offered across-the-board conceptualization of materialism.

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