Work Life Balance – A Primitive Channel Source for the Work Culture at Work Place with Special Reference to it Employees in India

V. Ramanathan ., A.Vanitha .


The success of any business can be reckoned only through its growth and consistent market acceptance. The factors of production like material, money, men and management should be combined in an optimized way in order to label the success of business. The growth and expansion of any business through the set up of organization and institution can be achieved by the influx of materials, machines and money. The challenging human resources need to be revamped according to the need of business and availability of resources through the structure of organization. Today’s organizations operate in an environment with global focus and local operational strength. The organizational effectiveness in terms of performance and dynamism can be benchmarked only with the references of existing human resources. Eventually, the human resources of any organization have to be made to perform by offering an ideal work environment that should be structured by the management and accepted by the respective individual employee. But an individual by nature viewed to be a riddle, will react differently at different work conditions. Make an individual or human resource to be balanced at work place and society including family, social web, brings benefit to individual and to the organization they belong. The perfect coordination of individual as a brand of employee at work place with respect to his/her attitude towards work, working condition and at positive focus towards their personal life generally connoted as work life balance. The consequences of ideal work life balance rewards eminent work culture which yields the success of any organization. In this aspect Information Technology (IT) is a recognized and fast growing sector in the world in general and India in particular offers permissible job avenues consistently for employable individuals. It is a sector where employees undergo for work pressure continuously. The work Life Balance in this particular sector continuously deviates among employees which in result turns with diversified work culture. The employees in IT sector should be reoriented with psychological match up to contribute at work place. This particular research paper aims to identify and address the work life balance of employees in IT sector and its impact on their work culture, the present status of IT sector in India and its growth, the impact of growth on Work life Balance and strategies to balance Work life.


Work Life Balance, Work Culture, Information Technology, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment generation, market diversification

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