An Assiduous Study on Developing Strategic Leadership

Dr. Renita Dubey ., Utparn Dubey .


Globalization is the new paradigm, a complex phenomenon, a driver for bringing about a change which has far reaching effects and has an impact on nearly every economy. The need for quality excellence and the desire to think and act from a global perspective is not peculiar to businesses alone. There is no doubt that leadership roles are changing in the new environment with markets emerging and getting global. Several new trends affect the study of leadership. The mantra to any business’s competitive advantage is to ensure that uniqueness lasts for a longer time. The need for change and innovation is the need of the hour. We all know that managers provide leadership to organizations. Therefore every organization is influenced by the behavior of subordinates so that they willingly and enthusiastically work towards the achievement of the organizational objectives. Strategic Leaders manage the strategic management process that is designed to help the organization achieve its objectives. Strategic leadership is the ability to lead an organization towards achievement of its objectives. The tasks involved in exercising leadership are typically to anticipate, envision, transform, maintain flexibility and empower others to create strategic change as and when necessary. In this paper we will focus on the strategic leaders who are charged with the responsibility of managing the strategic management process of an organization. This article can be greatly useful to executives and practitioners who wish to achieve results with the support of human element and right leadership approach


Strategic Management, Balanced Scorecard, Benchmarking, Strategic direction, Leadership approach

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