An Empirical Study on the Impulsive Buying Behavior in Women and Factors Affecting Such Behavior

Mrs. Prerna Nair ., Mrs. Jaya B. Rathor .


Consumer Studies is a very explorative field and the purpose of this study is to establish a link between growing number of facilities provided to the consumers and increase in their impulsive (unplanned) buying experiences. The research was started with the basic objective to study the buying behavior of women with special references to their unplanned buying experiences. The association of such provocational factors and their impact on working and non-working women were studied. A structured questionnaire was administered to the respondents and responses were generated from various locations in Raipur city (capital city of Chhattisgarh State). Various statistical tools were used to find out the associations for such an instant behavior. The study reveals the impulse buying behavior in women and the driving forces behind such a behavior on occupational basis.


Consumer Buying Behavior, Impulsive Buying Behavior, Emotional concerns, Cognitive decision making.

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