Investor Behaviour towards Various Capital Market Information

Dr. V. Shanmugasundaram .


Investing may offer expressive benefits like status and feelings of social responsibility besides utilitarian benefits like low risk in combination with high returns. Investor behaviour is characterised by overexcitement and overreaction in a volatile market. Investors get carried away by the financial magazine ratings, media impact, tips from share brokers, friends and others and the sources of information were not adequately tapped. The goal of financial independence and wealth drive millions of investors to seek out vehicles by which success may be achieved through any investment avenue. Investors have more socially oriented needs, which can have important implications for their decision making process. In this paper investor behaviour is analysed whether they behave rationally or irrationally towards various capital market information like bonus issue, rights issue, dividend declaration etc and the result show that investors behave rationally towards specific capital market information.


investment decision, rational, irrational, overreaction, influence, opinion

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