Importance of Standardization in Minimizing Cross-cultural Miscommunication

Richard Sagor Mitraa -


Purpose: Most of the conflicts at both personal and professional life arise due to miscommunication. Cultural differences are one among many such reasons. This article aims to understand and emphasis on the importance of standardization as a method to minimize, if not overcome, cross-cultural miscommunications, especially in business. Methodology: This research looks into the existing literature on standardization, communication, and cross-cultural communications to establish a relation among these aspects, no primary data collection was done for this research. Findings: The finds of the article suggest that standardization and adaptation are the two main keys, among others, to minimize cross-cultural miscommunication. Implication: When people know what is expected of them, they are less likely to do otherwise, unless they desire to create conflict. Setting of standards also tells people what to expect and what to not expect from the other party. Originality: Many researches have been conducted in the field of communication and cross-cultural communication, where various challenges have been identified and ways to overcome have also been proposed. However, that is said about communication in general. Communication happens through products, services, and even organizational cultures when businesses interact globally. This paper identifies that aspect in organizational cross-cultural communication and proposes possible solution to it.


Adaptation, cross-cultural communication, globalization, organizational culture, standardization

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