The Impact of Socio - Economic Profile on Job Satisfaction: An Indian Experiment

  • Dr. Suresh Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Govt. Degree College Bhoranj (Tarkwari), Hamirpur, (Himachal Pradesh) India.
Keywords: Human Resource Management


Organizational commitment is also a result of job satisfaction. The positive indicators of commitment are productivity and health. The more satisfied employees are with their job, the more they will produce and the healthier they will be. However studies have shown that in some cases, high production itself causes high job satisfaction. The negative indicators of organizational commitment include absenteeism, sabotage and violence. These factors, obviously, indicate low commitment towards the organization and low job satisfaction. The present study aims to explore the impact of socio-economic profile on job satisfaction. The socio-economic profile variables are independent variables and job satisfaction is dependent variable. There is a little research on the socio-economic variables impact on job satisfaction particularly in Indian environment. The study is also attempted to identify the job expectations fulfillment and the determination of association between overall and specific job satisfaction. The data were collected from 360 employees of Bhakra Beas Management Board with the help of demographic information questionnaire (D1Q) and job satisfaction index scale (JSI) .The scale was tested by content, construct, and test-retest and also found acceptably reliable scale through the crohbach’s alpna (a) test. To find out the significance difference between means of socio-economic groups on job satisfaction score, null hypothesis were formulated and for the verification of the null hypothesis, the ‘t’ and ‘f’ test were used. The result of the study suggested the fact that the organization fulfills the general expectations of employees in all formats. As far as the means significance is concerned, majority of variables found differed. The implications emanating from the findings of the study have also been discussed.

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