A Review of Empirical Studies in Intellectual Capital and Firm Performance

N. Kanchana ,, Prof. R. R. Raja Mohan ,


The intense review of literature shows that intellectual capital is considered as the basic fundamental strategic knowledge based resource for any kind of organization. The researchers argue that the knowledge based resources in organizations carry more than 75 % worth of any organization, as knowledge resources are the determinants of success in today’s world. Intellectual capital is essential for the success and well performance of firms but still there is lack of studies in the context of developing countries. Therefore this study attempts to gather the findings of empirical studies that where conducted in intellectual capital perspective. The findings of the studies encouraged to conduct empirical research in developing countries from intellectual capital.



Intellectual Capital, Organizational Performance, developing countries, capital perspective, knowledge resources

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www.hemonline.com (referred for Porters Five Force Model Analysis of Indian banking Industry)


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