Motivation Factors Affecting Employees’ Performance: A Case Study of TGT Construction Partnership Limited

Miss Somrudee Somsa-ard ., Mr. Tosaporn Mahamud .


With vibrant workforce motivation techniques, now-a-days companies spend a lot in terms of acquisition, retention and making the employees productive. The current study focuses on work motivation of employees in TGT Construction Partnership Limited attempts to evaluate factors that have influences on work motivation of the employees. Mixed methodology is employed using which a total of 34 employees participated in this study. The significance of factors affecting work motivation of employee showed high level of overall mean beginning with job achievement, progress in career, work environment, compensation and fringe benefits, interpersonal relation, responsibility, and job security respectively. Hypothesis test result indicates that motivation factors including progress in career and responsibility are related to employee’s work motivation. Supporting factors including interpersonal relation, job security, compensation and fringe benefits have relationship with employee’s work motivation. It is also found that motivating factors affecting work performance of employees in terms of progress in career employees want equal chances for growth and organizational support whereas progress will be the result of the knowledge, skills, and responsibility in their job. In terms of responsibility in the assigned work, employees prefer to be part of it. Supporting factors regarding interpersonal relation include having good relation and can work together with co-workers; regarding job security employees need a strong and firm organization; regarding current salary employees feel that it is suitable with their knowledge and skills and it is enough for living. Recommendation from the study is that CEO should encourage employees’ participation in recreation activities to gain acceptance and togetherness leading to good relationship among employees so that they are motivated to work more effectively for the organization.


work motivation, work performance.

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