Exploring the Factors Influencing the Choice of Young Generation while Buying Cars: A Factor Analysis Approach

Prof. Priti D Salvi ., Prof. Kalpesh B Prajapati .


The purpose of this paper is to find the factors affecting the choice of young generation toward buying a car in price range up to 8 lakhs in Ahmadabad city. The primary research is done through questionnaires using judgmental sampling. Data is collected from 225 respondents who are over 18 years old, well educated, well informed of latest trends and currently using a car. The factor analysis has been used to identify factors affecting choice of young generation while buying the car. The result indicated that young generation is influenced by product and services related features, strength of car, economy, riding experience, reference group appeal and promotion of the car.


Young Generation, Consumer Buying Behavior, Four-Wheeler, Factor Analysis.

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