A Study of Viability of Opening Sports Themed Restaurants in Metropolitan Cities

Geetali Dewan ., Poonam Pandey ., Ravit Sachdev ., Dr. Vijaishri Tewari .


Sports-themed restaurants are the leisure places that combine fun activities related to sports such as pool, football, bowling with food and beverage. Some of the world’s best sports-themed restaurants are ESPNZone, Underdoggs grills and Amoeba and the research is based to know the feasibility and profitability of opening sports- themed restaurants in metropolitan cities and aims to identify the possibility of providing a distinct service in the restaurant business for sports lovers. The scope of this study has been restricted to the people belonging to the age 16-40, as they are expected to be the primary customers of the place. The research evaluates the customer’s willingness to pay extra for the services being offered in a sports-themed restaurant. The purpose is to segment the customers and see the correlation in the segments with income levels, occupation, etc. and also to determine the facilities that are most desirable in such restaurants i.e. whether the presence of gaming facilities are more important or good quality food and drinks, ambience, etc. play more significant role. For this survey, primary data is being collected using random sampling technique; the survey is done online in a structured format in New Delhi. After the survey was done, it was found that most of the people are willing to pay the extra amount for the extra facilities being provided by a sports-themed restaurant. The extra facilities demanded by them are games rather than food and ambience


customer experience; income; metropolitan; themed restaurant; willingness to pay

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