Effect of Firm Attributes on Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from Listed Consumer Goods Companies in Nigeria

Adegboye, Kehinde Adewale ., Maryam Isyaku Muhammad ., Bilyaminu Yusuf Hanga .


This study investigated the effect of firm attributes on financial reporting quality of listed consumer goods companies in Nigeria from 2008 -2017. Financial reporting quality is likely to be influenced by their structure, monitoring and performance characteristics. Firm size, board composition, profitability and firm growth were selected as proxies for firm’s attributes. Financial reporting quality was measured by the modified model of Jones (1991). Panel multiple regressions were employed to test the formulated hypotheses and provide answers to the research questions. The result reveals profitability, board composition and firm growth to be statistically significant with financial reporting quality while firm size is statistically insignificant. Three variables, board composition, profitability and firm growth increases the quality financial information of the listed consumer goods companies in Nigeria, meanwhile, firm size has proven to reduce the quality of their financial reports.


Dividend, Profitability, Liquidity, financial reporting quality

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