A Study of Leadership Styles in Selected Industries in Kolhapur District (Maharashtra)

Rajendra Dattu Jadhav ., Dr. Mansingh Sambhajirao Dabade ., K. P. Tripathi .


Leadership is an important element in the organization.  The success or failure of the organization depends on the behavior and decisions taken by leaders.  Their behavior is to direct the activities of the group towards common objectives, interaction between persons in which he thinks and acts his role of leadership. Leadership is an important commitment of a group of people towards specific goals and to make use of their potential abilities to realize the goals.  Leadership has the ultimate aim of raising the level of human behavior and the ethical aspirations of people.

No leader is ever free from external pressure and the liabilities of his own personality. Most of the leaders from engineering, textile and foundry industries are found to be charismatic leader


Leadership, Charismatic, Demographic, Permissive

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