Factors Influencing Preference of Women towards Online Shopping

N. Anitha .


In recent years the business world is changing and internet has played a significant role in our daily life and market place is fast turning into e- market place and consumer interest in e- shopping is growing day by day due to so many motivational factors and which allows consumer to directly buy goods and services from a seller over the internet using the web browser this leads to the revolution in business today. So the purpose of the study is intended to examine the preference of women post graduate students towards online shopping with special reference to Coimbatore city. The sample size of 150 was chosen among the PG students and the questionnaire was administered to collect the primary data. Likert scale was incorporated in the Questionnaire. In order to identify the major factors influencing the preference of online shopping and evaluate the online product and services the factor analysis has been employed with principal component extraction with varimax rotation. To identify the preference of online shopping by considering various demographic variables the ANOVA test has been applied to identify the variables and also to study the major barriers of online shopping Rank correlation was used. To study the post purchase behavior of the customer simple percentage analysis has been incorporated. Hypothesis was framed and tested and results show that certain factors are having positive influence over the preference. The factors determine the preference of online shopping would be helpful to identify the major influential factors for preference and helps to improve the satisfaction level. The outcome of the study would be helpful to modify their existing marketing strategies and improve the existing motivational factors. The study would helpful to identify the barriers customers face during the online purchase and helps to reduce the problems and improve the level of satisfaction.


e – market, consumer interest, online shopping, consumer preference, marketing strategies, motivational factors

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