Dynamics of Service Quality in the Indian Banking Sector

Dr. Biju John M. ,


In this modern era of global competition, factors such as customer expectation and customer satisfaction vitally contributes towards the success of any industry and the Indian banking industry is not an exception. The role of customers is The existing Indian banking landscape customers play a vital role. It is the responsibility of banks to satisfy the customers in order to retain them for their very survival and success. Customer’s expectations and customer satisfaction and service quality are highly related. The banks should be able to minimize and eliminate the gap between perceived service quality of customers and the actual service provided. The present paper evaluates the level of service quality is in commercial bank in Kerala. The study also attempted to ascertain the dimensions of service quality in banks. . The present work finds out that tangibility and assurance as the foremost dimensions of service quality with their key influence on the customers. But, both the parameters of responsiveness and empathy show a lower level of satisfaction among the customers. It is suggested to the banking sector that apart from ensuring the trust of customers, it should improve their operations in providing highly advanced technological services to the customers with easy access and instant delivery features. . Thus, by providing enhanced quality in the banking services, the banks would be able to create a whole gamut of satisfied customers which would ultimately lead to further the efficiency and performance in the banking landscape.


Service Quality, Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction

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